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WebReview is an extension for Firefox 3. It enhances the abilities to re-find already visited websites based on your local history.


WebReview addresses several problems that might occur when trying to find websites that where already visited before.
WebReview offers you a procative interface that shows web pages that are important for you, based on the browsing history of Firefox.

About the project

WebReview was developed by Andreas Wagner as part of a diploma thesis between 11/01/2008 and 04/30/2009. Andreas Wagner is student at the Univeristy of Applied Sciences Kaiserslautern/Germany in Zweibruecken.
The diploma thesis is performed in cooperation with the German Research Center for Artifical Intelligence Kaiserslautern.

The title of this diploma thesis is:

"Entwicklung eines verbesserten Interfaces zum Wiederfinden bereits besuchter Webseiten mittels automatischer Erfassung, Analyse und Visualisierung von Webzugriffen"
(Development of an enhanced interface for re-finding already visited websites using automatic collection, analysis and visualization of web accesses)

Supervisors are Prof. Dr. Thomas Walter and Sven Schwarz.

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