Feature overview

source:/WebReview/branches/stable/WebReview/code/chrome/skin/logo24.png WebReview consists of several features that meet different needs. A short overview is given here, for more information about a specific feature, please look at the corresponding wiki page.

WebReview MyStart

source:/WebReview/branches/stable/WebReview/code/chrome/skin/mystart24.png WebReview MyStart shows you often or regularly used websites. It provides an quick restore function for recently closed tabs, too. Furthermore, it proposes websites that you would visit day by day, based on your exisiting Firefox history.

WebReview Chronicle

source:/WebReview/branches/stable/WebReview/code/chrome/skin/chronicle24.png WebReview Chronicle displays your history in a set of tables and lets you find the page you look for by various search criteria.

WebReview Graph

source:/WebReview/branches/stable/WebReview/code/chrome/skin/graph24.png WebReview Graph visualizes every browsing session that is stored in your history. You can track which pages were reached from which preceding pages, and where you have been gone from that one.
For archiving purposes, you can export the graph to a simple HTML file you can store on your local hard drive.

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