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With source:/WebReview/branches/stable/WebReview/code/chrome/skin/graph32.png WebReview Graph you can remind yourself on visited pages, how you reached them, and which other pages you visited in that context. WebReview Graph was designed to show you every visited page of any browsing session in your history of Firefox.

It eliminates the so called back-forward-problem: If you click on a link on a page A, you get to page B. If you then use the "Back" button of the browser to get back to page A, and there click on another link that brings you to page C, page B is lost. You can't reach it anymore through the "Back" and "Forward" buttons of the browser. This is not a Firefox specific problem, it appears on every browser.

WebReview shows you every branch with all visited pages of your current browsing session, no matter how often you have gone back or forward, or which link you clicked on.

You can add a button with the icon source:/WebReview/branches/stable/WebReview/code/chrome/skin/graph32.png to your toolbar from the toolbar palette for quicker access.

Accessing the graph

There are several ways, to access the graph:

  • When selecting "WebReview Graph" from the "Tools" menu (or clicking on the toolbar button), the graph is generated displaying the current browsing session. The currently opened page gets selected in the graph
  • To see a graph of a previous browsing session, you can use Chronicle to find the page you want to see the graph for. After selecting the page in the lower table in Chronicle, click on the button "Open page in graph", to generate a corresponding WebReview Graph.

Browsing through the graph

Every page you visited within one browsing session is visualized as a node in the graph. You can easily browse through the graph by clicking on a node. The interface automatically moves the graph to the right position and shows you the subsequent pages you visited (if there are any).

If you select a node, this node and the path to the root node will become yellow, so you can easily see, how you reached the currently selected web page.

Every node contains important information about that page at a glance. Besides the title of the page and the amount of visits you can see the domain, that page belongs to, below the thumbnail.


On the left side, there is an infobar that contains more information about the currently selected node. Besides the full title and a bigger screenhot you can see the amount of visits and DayVisits for that page.

There is also a listbox that shows you the current and all other sessions you visited this page in. Every entry in that listbox shows the date and time of that particular visit of the currently selected page. You can easily switch to another session in which you visited that page too by selecting an entry from the list. As soon as you click on one entry, the new graph that belongs to that page is build.

If you want to visit a page in the browser again, simply click on the button "Open page in browser" after you have selected the page you wish by clicking on the appropriate node.


To conserve the information visualized by WebReview Graph, there is a function to export the whole graph including currently not visible notes to an HTML file. The HTML-Report gets generated when you click on the button "Generate HTML-Report".

To save the report, use "Save page as" ("Seite speichern unter...") in the "File" ("Datei") menu of Firefox. The displayed page contains only inlined images, so when you save it, all images are actually in the HTML file. That way, you can easily archive it whithout dealing with a seperate directory containing the images, or you can send it to a friend via email, if you want.

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