WebReview Chronicle

WebReview Chronicle gives you the ability to find visited websites easily. It shows you all websites you visited and lets you use a lot of search- and filter-criteria.

You can add a button with the icon source:/WebReview/branches/stable/WebReview/code/chrome/skin/chronicle32.png to your toolbar from the toolbar palette for quicker access.

Searching/Filtering and Sorting

The upper tables group the websites by domain/host and subdomain respectively. Selecting an entry (by clicking on it) will let you filter the results for a specific domain (and subdomain) quickly.

If you remember a part of the url or title of the page you look for, you can use the search field "Title or URL" to narrow down the entries. Another way to find the page you want is to enter a part of the domain in the "Host" search field. You can enter the subdomain here, too.

You can limit your search to webpages visited only with a minimum and maximum of visits and DayVisits. With a date range filter, you can constrain the displayed entries to a specific period. There is also a dropdown menu that gives you a quick access to some common periods.

Furthermore you search in your bookmarked pages only, with the corresponding checkbox. There's another checkbox that lets you hide the column with the small thumbnails.
The bigger thumbnail changes as you select an entry.

All tables can be sorted by clicking on the column header you want to sort the table by. The sorting is saved persistently.

Opening a webpage

You can open any webpage listed in the lower table in the browser window to revisit the selected webpage by clicking on the button "Open page in browser" or doubleclicking on an entry.

Besides the option to open a webpage in the browser, you can show your browsing session for that webpage in the WebReview Graph. Click on the button "Open page in graph", or use the middleclick function of your scroll wheel.

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