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The Dragontalk project provides a set of extensions for the Mozilla products Thunderbird (email client) and Firefox (web browser).

One of the goals was to get information about the user's operations. For instance, if the user sends or replies to an email, Dragontalk sends a SendEmail or a ReplyToEmail event to some TCP port on localhost where an XMLRPC listener can catch it. For the browser plugin, notifications are sent when browsing the web. In concert with other programs that implement the listener part, we use this to elicit the user's context - see the User Context project. Of course the user can disable the plugins at any time.

Apart from these event notification plugins, there are Thunderbird plugins that provide other functionality such as mail classification and quick opening of folders using autocompletion.

The Dragontalk extensions were developed in the EPOS project and are used in the Mymory project, too.

Stable extensions

Experimental extensions

Outdated extensions

Experimental extensions

The following extensions are experimental prototypes. Most of them require additional, external services. Sometimes these external services are project-internal and closed-source. Probably, they are mostly useful for research colleagues and not for end-users!

Developer documentation

Mailing list

We use the usercontext mailing list ( to discuss dragontalk issues, too. You can subscribe and unsubscribe here:

The sources…

... can be checked out using SVN:
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