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MyStart is your central personalized start page. It covers links to various websites that WebReview thinks are important for you, based on your previous surfing behavior. MyStart can be reached via the "Tools" menu or by entering about:mystart in the address bar.

You can add a button with the icon source:/WebReview/branches/stable/WebReview/code/chrome/skin/mystart32.png to your toolbar from the toolbar palette for quicker access.

In order to display interesting pages on MyStart, WebReview requires additional meta-data. When using WebReview for the first time, this has to be generated only once as described in First start.
By default, websites in the history of Firefox will expire after 90 days. You would consider increasing the expiration time in the Firefox options for a more stable result in long-term use. Go to "Tools" ("Extras") -> "Options" ("Einstellungen") -> "Privacy" ("Datenschutz"). There you will find the option "Keep my history for at least ... days" ("Chronik mindestens ... Tage speichern").

As you an see on the screenshot above, screenshots are collected for the most, but not for all websites yet.

MyStart is separated into different sections. Each section contains a special category of websites.

Recently closed/visited

This bar contains the tabs you closed recently. Just click on an entry to restore that tab. If there are no recently closed tabs, or if the Firefox session manager is disabled, the recently visited pages are shown.

Visited daily

Daily visited websites are the websites you're visiting daily, or at least almost every day.

Proposals for today

If there are websites you're visiting in a regular interval, they will be shown here in the right timeframe only. Let's say you visit a particular website every Friday, WebReview will propose this website to you every Friday in future, until you decide to visit that page more or less often. WebReview will recognize this, and adapt itself.

Most visited

This section contains not just the most visited websites, as the folder in your bookmark toolbar does (or did, if you have removed it). WebReview has it's own algorithm to decide which pages you visited the most. WebReview will only count maximum one visit per day (called DayVisit) even if you visited it more times that day. This will give you more meaningful results over a longer time.

The number of items displayed in each section is variable. You can change it in the preferences dialog ("Tools" ("Extras") -> "WebReview" ("WebReview") -> "WebReview Preferences" ("WebReview Einstellungen")).

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